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Placenta aging effect

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Placenta aging effect

What kind of anti-aging effect does placenta actually have?
It is generally said that it is very good for anti-aging. For that reason, many people come to receive placenta injections in recent cosmetic surgery, and placenta supplements are said to have a considerable amount of sales. For what purpose do you take placenta? Let's take a look.

1. Whitening effect of skin
2, Anti-allergic effect against allergies
3, Suppressing inflammation
4, Removing active oxygen generated in the body
5, Promoting cell metabolism
6, Skin Action to enhance moisturizing action
7, action to activate cell metabolism of skin tissue
8, action to promote blood circulation and removal of waste products

In this way, various actions will be taken, and as a result, these actions will be combined, resulting in an anti-aging effect.
For example, the moisturizing effect of the skin is still very important for the Araffor generation. If the skin cannot be moisturized properly, wrinkles will form on the skin.

For that reason, I think that many people are taking collagen etc. firmly, but it seems that there is a part where collagen alone is not enough.

At that time, it is important to firmly incorporate the moisturizing effect on the skin with placenta.

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